Helpful Tips for Preparing for your Doctor’s Visit

  1. Be prepared. Once you have made an appointment, start a list of questions you would like to ask. They may include ones pertinent to the particular reason for your visit as well as general questions related to routine health/wellness habits. Write them down and leave some space for answers.
  2. Bring a list of all your current medications, with names and dosages, including over the counter supplements you may be taking.
  3. Bring a friend/family member/advocate, someone who can listen, take notes or even tape parts of the pertinent conversations. It is easy to forget what was said when talking about one’s health or diagnosis. And having a second person there will help to ensure nothing is missed.
  4. Share all your symptoms and concerns. Many issues are never asked about or considered unless you mention or raise them.
  5. Ask as many questions as you need to understand recommendations/indications for treatments or prescriptions that come up during your visit.
  6. Before you leave, make sure all are in agreement about next steps or plans for follow-up.

For your convenience, you can download and print out the above list.

Forms to Download

3C HIPAA Release Form

Massachusetts HIPAA Release Form

Massachusetts Health Proxy Form