In June 2020, my life changed drastically. I went from functioning normally to being paralyzed from the waist down and having little to no use of my hands. I was living in Florida at the time where I was unable to receive the intense medical interventions that I required. And so began my terrifying journey into the world of being disabled with no real answers as to why my body stopped working and what could be done. It was then that Heidi entered my life as well as my family’s. Heidi helped us navigate through the most unbelievably difficult of times from advocating for my medical needs to assisting in my transport to MA to obtain necessary services to navigating healthcare and insurance and so much more. It is without a doubt that I can say that I would not be where I am today – walking and beginning to live independently – without Heidi. It wasn’t only in the “heat of the moment” that Heidi was so instrumental in helping my recovery. It was been on-going and includes technical/medical support as well as emotional support. The description I have provided does not do Heidi justice and is a huge understatement. It is without exaggeration that I can say that Heidi saved my life through her never-ending support, encouragement, and advocacy.

Dr. Chrissy Ogilvie
February 4, 2022

After doing a lot of reading, my husband and I understood his cancer and the treatment options. What we lacked was the ability to choose among alternative treatment centers, as well as contacts who could give us an unbiased assessment of the best fit for his needs. I interviewed patient advocates and chose Dr. Heidi Kummer, for which we are extremely grateful. Dr. Kummer offered the mix of expertise, experience and contacts to do what an ordinary patient cannot: quickly get key information, “insider” opinions, and weigh them in light of the big picture. Her compassion and caring for us was clear, and she went “above and beyond” to get information and provide insight that helped us make good decisions in a very frightening and complicated situation. It also gave us peace of mind that we had assessed the options well and were making the best possible decisions. I feel enormous empathy for others who face serious health issues, and strongly encourage them to get Dr. Kummer’s help. For us, it was invaluable.

September 25, 2020

In 2017, I was diagnosed with a recurrence of uterine cancer stage 4 What do I do next, I asked the ER doctor at Providence St John’s hospital. I didn’t know how to proceed as my my team came together in Santa Monica. My new oncologist immediately put me on five months of chemotherapy treatment followed by a month long daily radiation treatment. Dr Heidi Kummer skillfully brought my team together in a gentle professional way and suggested adding cutting edge research therapy being used in Germany of which my medical team was unaware. Because she spoke the same medical language and was able to clearly communicate with my doctors, they were open to adding such supplemental treatment. Dr Kummer made me feel so comfortable adding her global expertise, clarity and compassion to the confusion I felt when faced with the medical maze of various treatments and procedure I experienced. I highly recommend Dr Heidi Kummer and cannot imagine managing without her extraordinary kindness, accessibility and brilliant patient advocacy skills.

Maureen O’Sullivan
July 8, 2020

Doctor Kummer provided keen insight into a medical condition I faced. We discussed different surgical procedures that might be considered to address the worst to the best cases and their risks. She was able to recommend surgeons who were experts in the field across America. Dr. Kummer will advise me for the remainder of my life as I navigate the healthcare world of technology, pharmaceuticals and physician care. I urge you to talk with Dr. Kummer and learn what I learned, she is thorough, wise, capable and a GREAT professional.

Mark Sockness
April 15, 2020