Maureen O’Sullivan

In 2017, I was diagnosed with a recurrence of uterine cancer stage 4 What do I do next, I asked the ER doctor at Providence St John’s hospital. I didn’t know how to proceed as my my team came together in Santa Monica. My new oncologist immediately put me on five months of chemotherapy treatment followed by a month long daily radiation treatment. Dr Heidi Kummer skillfully brought my team together in a gentle professional way and suggested adding cutting edge research therapy being used in Germany of which my medical team was unaware. Because she spoke the same medical language and was able to clearly communicate with my doctors, they were open to adding such supplemental treatment. Dr Kummer made me feel so comfortable adding her global expertise, clarity and compassion to the confusion I felt when faced with the medical maze of various treatments and procedure I experienced. I highly recommend Dr Heidi Kummer and cannot imagine managing without her extraordinary kindness, accessibility and brilliant patient advocacy skills.